Raw/Going Quantum

Difficulties Hard
0 5

Mapper: mcclouds This map was a Song request by Our Dark Lord Satan, I his Humbel servant, Mapped the song for him, I myself am a really good slave!…


Light Club – Fahkeet

Difficulties Expert+
0 5

Mapper: pixxlycube Yey, time to use the new lighting possibilities. I don’t even know, if you can even see anything or not, but honestly, who cares at this point. (I should’ve put less sli…


Unlogix – Storm

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard
0 5

Mapper: Jolts This is my first attempt at making a custom map for Beat Saber so cut me some slack. I like this song and wanted to make variations of difficulty instead of just expert+. I don’t k…


Happy Hamster

Difficulties Expert
0 5

Mapper: foxtree Difficulties: Expert a happy hamster dancing with an empty water bottle…