Cold Green Eyes

Difficulties Expert
3 17

Mapper: SavagePrime First map! No lighting, DM me on discord if you want to lightmap this. -> SavagePrime#1001 BPM- 174 NJS- 19 Diff- Expert…

PaiPakapong K-Pop

Apink – I’m So Sick

Difficulties Expert
3 17

Mapper: paipakapong For panda and k-pop fan. The beat is matched from I’m So Sick Choreography enjoy Panda 🙂 ใครที่หาเพลง Apink ไม่เจอ เราทำให้แล้วนะ ถ้าอยากได้เพลงไรบอกได้ใน Facebook เลยน่อ แพน…


Louder Than Steel – Ryu-5150

Difficulties Expert+
125 377

Mapper: electrostats My first uploaded map but my fifth map. Every criticiscm are good and will help me improoving my mapping style :)! Have fun! Big thanks to… Review: Fern, OrangeW, Hoppaw Tes…