Dear Evan Hansen – Finale

Difficulties Hard
13 1

Mapper: OriginTT Uploaded with the rest of the Dear Evan Hansen musical soundtrack for Subtracticat’s birthday on Sept 3, 2021. Subtracticat: https://www.twitch.tv/subtracticat


All Together Now – OK Go

Difficulties Expert
16 2

Mapper: OriginTT I asked some friends what their favorite OK Go track was, and this was one of them. After giving it a listen I kind of started liking it too. So I decided to map it to show ho…


O Come All Ye Faithful

Difficulties Hard Expert
11 1

Mapper: OriginTT Vocalists: https://twitch.tv/CharlieFrown https://twitch.tv/Crackabear https://twitch.tv/EnemyRecon https://twitch.tv/Foggie https://twitch.tv/JuturnaTV https://twitch.tv/Myst…


12 Days of Christmas

Difficulties Hard Expert
14 2

Mapper: OriginTT “Hey everyone! I’m so excited to finally release my first album ever, A Felicity Family Christmas, which features many of my friends from the Twitch community. I’ve chos…