Tetris Dubstep!

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
169 91

Mapper: saberyourlevels This is a map of a Tetris Dubstep Remix! The song can be found here: I have videos of every difficulty of this song: Expert+: Expert: Hard: Normal: Easy: I hope you guy…


Mo Bomba – Sheck Wes

Difficulties Expert
20 9

Mapper: silvertalon1 BPM: 146 Duration: 3:05 Kind of a meme with the long fast notes but still do-able. Enjoy


Groovy Op Version

Difficulties Expert
20 9

Mapper: Stjames221 Difficulties: Expert This is my second beatsaber map for a song from one of my favorite series that I haven’t actually gotten to play. I was gonna do a song from perso…


Calamari Inkantation

Difficulties Expert
20 9

Mapper: megapixel Calamari Inkantation (Live at Makuhari) from Splatoon. This map makes you do some of the dance moves that the Squid Sisters do!


Out of Control

Difficulties Expert
18 8

Mapper: alphatwister This is a second iteration of my first ever beat map. Thanks everyone for the feedback, and I’ll keep refining this as time goes on.