nihakue R&B

Look At Me Now (fixed)

Difficulties Expert
22 10

Mapper: nihakue Previous version had an arrow inside a wall that was preventing full combos, sorry everyone! It’s gone now. Look At Me Now (Chris Brown feat. Busta Rhyme). Chart by nihak…


Tetris Dubstep!

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
169 91

Mapper: saberyourlevels This is a map of a Tetris Dubstep Remix! The song can be found here: I have videos of every difficulty of this song: Expert+: Expert: Hard: Normal: Easy: I hope you guy…


Groovy Op Version

Difficulties Expert
20 9

Mapper: Stjames221 Difficulties: Expert This is my second beatsaber map for a song from one of my favorite series that I haven’t actually gotten to play. I was gonna do a song from perso…


Calamari Inkantation

Difficulties Expert
20 9

Mapper: megapixel Calamari Inkantation (Live at Makuhari) from Splatoon. This map makes you do some of the dance moves that the Squid Sisters do!


Mo Bomba – Sheck Wes

Difficulties Expert
20 9

Mapper: silvertalon1 BPM: 146 Duration: 3:05 Kind of a meme with the long fast notes but still do-able. Enjoy


Out of Control

Difficulties Expert
18 8

Mapper: alphatwister This is a second iteration of my first ever beat map. Thanks everyone for the feedback, and I’ll keep refining this as time goes on.