light ai

Osanzi – Distraction

Difficulties Expert+
20 2

Mapper: light ai Lights by shrado (w/ custom light colors) cute songe peepoHappy miku is my life AYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA look I map slow songs too Length: 2:50 BPM: 140 Lights: 5321 Light̵…


nanobii – Pineapple Spaceship

Difficulties Expert+
12 1

Mapper: soznar a real alpha is Enbi so big thanks for him for helping with patterns and lightning. you should check his maps. map is pepejammer so i hope you will enjoy playing this chart 🙂…



Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
31 6

Mapper: yun0 – Fixed a few issues for rankability Thanks to Uninstaller for modding it BPM: 174 | 4 Difficulties (Expert+, Expert, Hard, Normal) | Lighting done by me ————…