abethicke Instrumental

Westworld – Theme

Difficulties Normal Hard
72 32

I’m a huge fan of the show and really enjoyed this for what it is. Like most “non-rhythmatic” songs, the timing is a little hard to read / follow if you’re not familiar with the so…



Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
74 33

Mapper: gaelican Listen. I’m starting to get tired of people complaining about my maps AFTER they get ranked. Can we not fucking point out issues before it’s ranked? Or are you guy…


In My Room

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
12 4

Mapper: zenzodo Reupload #3 for ranked, will reupload as needed. Hard, Expert, and Ex+ diffs. Hard: 15.125NJS, 190 Notes, 4.8NPS Expert: 19.25NJS, 190 Notes, 4.8NPS Ex+: 21.3125NJS, 201 Notes, 5.08NPS