Snow Fairy (Fairy Tail OP 1)

Difficulties Hard
7 40

Mapper: masterofcoin A Beat Map for the first opening for my favorite anime, Fairy Tail. My first ever Beat Map, so please excuse any mistakes.…


crazy frog

Difficulties Hard
4 29

Mapper: xddddddd crazy frog yes it is possible to stand between the 2 wide walls…

binitsba Anime

Maware! Setsugetsuka

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
50 208

Ending song from the anime Unbreakable machine doll and my first mapping. Lighting done. I’m open to constructive criticism. Length: 1m 23s Difficulties: Expert+, Expert and Hard…


Eminem – Lose Yourself [HD]

Difficulties Hard
80 316

Mapper: trav000 Check out the video here- My 2nd mapping so may not be perfect but still worth a play. I am currently mapping This Is Me as well.…


Nintendo Land – Octopus Dance

Difficulties Hard
0 9

Mapper: randombeatsongs One, Two, Three. Doesn’t have vocals as those are separate audio files. (MaxPlayz is my account however I forgot the password :/ )…