For peace of mind

Difficulties Expert Expert+
2 3

Mapper: pencunia This is my own song. So it’s elementary level music. I threw away some trashy pattern. So this map now more enjoyable. Sorry for my re-uploading. Please forget my before bad map…


Train – Cadillac, Cadillac

Difficulties Expert
0 1

Mapper: kigris This is my first map, please be kind with me. It’s not done but still pretty complete. Maybe the difficulty should be Expert+. This is an updated version.…


A Cause Des Garcons – Tepr Remix

Difficulties Expert
0 1

Mapper: ponpoko777 I made a TEKTONIK dance-like map. This crosses your arms over and over, so people who are not good at crossing may crash their left and right hands.BECAREFUL! It’s like this! …