mynamesnotzelda Pop

I Kissed A Girl- Katy Perry

Difficulties Hard
183 47

Mapper: MyNamesNotZelda Difficulties: Hard My first BeatSaber track, picked a song I wanted to play myself I hope yall enjoy it, I might make more.


One Punch Man – Main Theme

Difficulties Hard Expert
303 83

Mapper: zoyer NOT THE INTRO, it’s the main theme of the anime. The hard version works better with the song, the expert is for all you nerds (including me) who wants more of a challenge 🙂



Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
102 24

Mapper: that_narwhal M – A – D H – O – L – I – C P – A – Z S – D – V -X – 2 jammer one of my favorite maps of mine exp+ (for r…