Magic Mama Didn’t Raise No Fool

Difficulties Hard
1 1

Mapper: karvsox74 Magic hasn’t received any beat saber love. So here ya go with a super fun underrated Magic song. I mapped it as Hard, but truly it’s close to expert. So know that getting…


Messed up – OOF

Difficulties Hard
2 2

Mapper: ricecho Okay, so I went back and fixed all the errors and I’m going have a second one just in case I lose this one… (The loss meme) is included into this song……


Elena Siegman – 115

Difficulties Hard
11 11

Mapper: vulas My First Beatmap, thought it would be a laugh to attempt to make one, of course i’ll come back to update it when I learn how it all works but here you go for now! 😀…