viridios Electronic

Baby I’m Yours – Breakbot

Difficulties Hard
25 79

Mapper: viridios Fun beat map with a bunch of different patterns to it. This is my first beat map so it might be rough around the edges in some areas but I hope you enjoy! Let me know what I can impro…


Chirality – Camelia

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
3 15

Mapper: ayylmao Chirality – Camelia, Definitely super proud of this map, had lots of fun and thought it was well done, the difficulties are all a little bit hard than meant to be besides expert …

pimaker Anime

Doki Doki – Nick Kaelar (Varien)

Difficulties Hard
4 19

My first attempt at creating a track – I did my best, it’s quite fun I promise! I would consider it more like medium difficulty, but there are a few pretty hard places. Also, a good excuse…