Difficulties Hard
36 17

Mapper: roungetkc BPM 150 From RAVER’S NEST 1 TOHO RAVE PARTY level contains hard only but it’s easy to understand. i hope you enjoy dancing with the Touhou arrange.…


Phantom of the Virtual

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
4 1

Mapper: saitojunko At the request of Mr. Yukana, I created a “Phantom of the Virtual”. There are 2 kinds of difficulty and appreciation of lights It was difficult to make this score but it…

tacker Alternative Rock

TISM – Whatareya

Difficulties Hard
4 1

Mapper: Tacker Difficulties: Hard (Gratuitous Profanity Carelessly Slapped Into Verse With Spurious Artistic Merit And No Conceivable Motivation Other Than A Deliberately Perverse Desire To Shoot Ones…

supermanchoo Trap

Slap Chop

Difficulties Hard Expert
4 1

Mapper: supermanchoo Slap Chop by Cal Chuchesta My Second Map Hard and Expert Slap Chop Slap Chop Hit it with the Slap Chop…