Journey – Tokyo Machine

Difficulties Expert Expert+
11 0

Mapper: pink My first map! 2,412 Hand-made lighting events which both diffs share. The difference in difficulty between Expert and Expert+ is small, Expert should be seen as more of an acc ver…

epix fusion

Machine Gun Kelly – Breaking News

Difficulties Expert+
10 0

Mapper: epix fusion Thank you for playing my map. Find all of my maps here – https://beatsaver.com/uploader/5da8f74cc216d40006bdfc56 Contact me via Discord for new map suggestions, as we…



Difficulties Expert+
10 0

Mapper: emja Duration: 4:44 BPM: 354 NJS: 20,Half Jump Duration: 3.6 Jump Distance: 24.407 Total NPS: 7.1 Mapped NPS: 7.2 Peak NPS: Notes: 2021 Bombs: 36 Walls: 48 Lighting: 3449