Exyl – Terraria

Difficulties Expert+
2 2

Mapper: YaDay427 Second map. I just kinda SLAPPED something together in like 2 days lol. Not really polished, but I just wanted to make a quick map and get something out because why not :/


Tubbo – Life By The Sea

Difficulties Expert
1 1

Mapper: Felixicus Hey, before I actually say type the desc I’m just saying that I know it wasn’t only made by Tubbo, it was also produced by Cg5. Anyways time to actually write the…



Difficulties Expert
0 0

Mapper: toddcmz This is the clean version featuring Demi Lovato and All Time Low. Why is this song so great.


Tanger – Falling

Difficulties Expert+
0 1

Mapper: aquarumm fun casual/kinda difficult map. ever since this song came out i have been wanting to map it. Song:



Difficulties Expert+
0 1

Mapper: gogoman526 I spent like 3-5 hours on this and I’m actually really proud of this one. Also, surprise surprise, I made a map that isn’t chaotic and is actually possible for o…