The World Revolving

Difficulties Expert+
1 13

Mapper: hazelanam Good Song and my first attempt at making an actual map This was requested by LillyPop I also tried a split thing took 3 hours because i was lazy asf a lot of stuff is prob of…

weiwei cheng


Difficulties Expert+
1 17

Mapper: weiwei-cheng 聽到這首歌就覺得非常適合BeatSaber! 這是我第一次做Maps,請多多指教 After hearing this song, I feel very suitable for BeatSaber! This is my first time doing Maps, please advise 😀


Unity – TheFatRat

Difficulties Expert+
1 19

Mapper: pbjtime12 ExpertPlusStandard.dat Duration: 4:12 BPM: 105 NJS: 23 Offset: 0 Half Jump Duration: 1 Jump Distance: 26.286 Total NPS: 7.85 Mapped NPS: 8.58 Peak NPS: 16 beats: 12.8 8 beats…

ezc scarefullyy

New Game Plus

Difficulties Expert+
0 13

Mapper: ezc scarefullyy Nobody is gonna beat this anytime soon Really hard vibros and difficult patterns Good luck 🙂 pog?