Difficulties Easy
4 1

Mapper: fnyt Ore-o ore-ore-orerere ore ore-o Cancerous map delivery: Fnyt#6067



Difficulties Expert+
4 1

Mapper: aimedhades16 This is my second serious map, I think it turned out rather well, it sure as hell is less Pepega than my unpleasant sonata map PepeLaugh. Thanks Nyarc for pointing out my …


Blessin’ – REDZ

Difficulties Expert+
6 2

Mapper: hyphrr This D&B map will leave you with a smile, super fun to play! Not a ranked map but well placed sliders and streams that make the map enjoyable to play. Diff: Expert+


Ciara – Level Up

Difficulties Expert Expert+
8 3

Mapper: joy_x I used Mapping Extensions to to make some Walls For the first time I make a map of this genre, I hope you like it, good luck If you have any Questions or Ideas, my Discord: Joy#3508