In the Flame (Pyre)

Difficulties Hard
67 0

Mapper: tanneseph My fourth map, the wonderful full-version of Pyre’s reveal song. I’m not the hero Korb deserves, I’m just trying my very best. Here’s a video of me pl…

tanneseph Alternative

Evil Bee (Menomena)

Difficulties Expert
14 0

Mapper: tanneseph Come check out this incredibly fun map of one of the best songs evar. Here’s me playing (complete with tracking issues): Also check out the wonderfully freaky original …


Melectric (Ramona Falls)

Difficulties Expert
6 0

Mapper: tanneseph Fun with polyrhythms? And beautiful music. See a playthrough by yours truly here: Shout me out (@Jingshui) in the Beat Saber Mapping Group on Discord, especially if you’…