Dog Blood – BREAK LAW

Difficulties Normal Expert+
68 6

Mapper: mark. If you have any feedback, hit me up on discord: BowlingPin321#1205 ============================== Huge thanks to Soba’s for the mod and helping me out. ====================…


Last Wave (OutRun2)

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
6 0

Mapper: mark. A chill map to a chill song. From one of my favourite games of all time. From OutRun2 / OutRun2SP / OutRun2006: Coast 2 Coast Composed by Hiroshi Kawaguchi


Lihzahrd Temple (Terraria OST)

Difficulties Normal Expert+
45 12

Mapper: mark. With the release of Terraria 1.4 this week, i’ve been playing loads of terraria recently in hype for the update. So i decided to map one of my favorite tracks from the OST.…


t+pazolite – BPM=RT (Uncut Edition)

Difficulties Expert+
26 7

Mapper: mark. So, this is my attempt at mapping this song. i dont think its good, but i dont think its bad either. I don’t blame you if you downvote this. ==This is possible i have passe…