ANOMALY – Camellia

Difficulties Expert+
152 17

Mapper: Fraies **OLD COLLAB VERSION, NEW VERSION IS FOR RANKED AND MAPPED SOLELY BY FRAIES** this has been finished for a while but puds just now got around to fixing some stuff so we release …


Schadenfreude – ZxNX

Difficulties Expert+
37 2

Mapper: Fraies maybe rank if enough people like it, i think it’s pretty fun though. first map in like 3 fucking months, no motivation hurts man if feedback send to @fraies#8335 on discord


Halcyon – xi

Difficulties Easy Expert+
60 11

Mapper: Fraies used in SDVX Madness 2, if there are issues with the map dm me, fraies#8335 intro violin isn’t mapped to notes because i’m lazy and can’t time it properly ligh…