Mya-nee Canyon

Difficulties Expert+
82 4

Mapper: Depito I don’t know why I mapped this at 6am and didn’t sleep but don’t judge me Probably my only map where I’ll loop the audio several times, it’s a pain…


USAO – Night Sky

Difficulties Easy Expert+
52 2

Mapper: Depito Another song I decided to map after playing it on osu!, and my 2nd USAO map ! It’s similar to the other one and I think this is one of my best maps. Enjoy ! Stats : BPM : …



Difficulties Expert+
97 8

Mapper: Depito I’m back widepeepohap Tried to make something more original and different from my usual mapping, I think it turned out nice but idk Song suggested by Tootie Depito#1273


USAO – Level Up

Difficulties Expert+
34 1

Mapper: Depito After this shit bomb here’s an actual map This has been in my folder for 10 months, remapped a few parts recently so I can release it without it being bad


Prequell – Prequell Mashup

Difficulties Expert
11 1

Mapper: Depito A mashup of some nice songs that was requested by Babaorhum ! Dedicated to his friend Sigismond This is the first time I’m doing a mashup, so if anything sounds weird plea…