Mad Caddies – Silence

Difficulties Expert Expert+
32 1

Mapper: call-me-daddy My first comissioned map! Thanks WeaponMonkey aka Lord MK for the banger song and the patience πŸ˜› :3 PS: The cursed, too long sliders are the same in both difficulties, yo…


Ghost – Secular Haze

Difficulties Expert+
31 7

Mapper: call-me-daddy This is much angle spam! 180 and 225 degrees lets gooo! Also try not to clap, controllers are expensive πŸ™‚


Absolution – Ghost

Difficulties Expert+
23 7

Mapper: call-me-daddy Put your hands up and reach for the sky! πŸ™‚ I might overdid it with bombs and sliders… (Should work for Occulus Quest users)