Diamond sword song

Difficulties Expert+
5 3

Mapper: WDG_KMA 5 wide map!!!!! I hope its fun Update: Just nerfed the transition and that’s the only thing I’m changing:)


Dripeesha (Reupload again)

Difficulties Expert Expert+
0 0

Mapper: WDG_KMA I swear to fuck if the moderators remove this because “it was wip” This is the whole map. Nothing else Expert + is 10 lane Expert is 100 NJS

WDG_KMA 1.3. Fitness

Green Green Grass

Difficulties Expert Expert+
2 3

Mapper: WDG_KMA As I’m probably gonna quit this year this is gonna be the last map that I’m uploading. Hope you guys enjoy this map (Probably won’t) Expert + = unnerfed endin…