Difficulties Expert+
9 0

Mapper: calico Song – Exyl This is my first map ever! Had a lot of fun making it and playtesting it! Thanks to Lyfesaver74 and the community for support while I made this! And thanks to Bloodclo…

yo liamx

DRP – Overkill

Difficulties Expert+
9 0

Mapper: yo liamx Re-mapped some under mapped parts of the song and changed the double before the stream also removed the notes at the very beginning cause it was a little over charted increased the nj…


Koe no Katachi – LIT

Difficulties Hard Expert
8 0

Mapper: suzuki.dll I’m not crying, you’re crying ;_; Requires Mapping Extension and uses ChromaLite Map and walls by Suzuki.DLL Lights by Rigid…