Stealth Dash – Camellia

Difficulties Expert+
454 33

Mapper: umbranox One of my older, first maps, re-uploaded for rank I make a somewhat normal map for once Lit using loloppes auto lighter Modded by oddloop & da freej Any problems do the dm…


USAO – Big Daddy

Difficulties Expert+
76 1

Mapper: vrmasked The girl is playing Beat Saber… BIG THANKS to all the modders because a lot of work was done on this map. Thank you Shrado, Yun0, Xhera, Jez, Hex, Skeelie, Vilawes, Cool…



Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
341 27

Mapper: ezconfirmed Reupload #2 poggers: – Removed bombs at beat 35 on Expert – Fixed NJS/offset for Expert – Fixed NJS/offset for Hard Thanks to Vilawes/carrot for mods and …


F-777 – Space Battle

Difficulties Expert+
386 60

Mapper: fnyt Fix’d ugly 1/8 sliders. Hope it’s widepeepohappy Thanks to Scrappy, CoolingCloset, Vilawes, zilian, Aithke and all the other peeps for mods and suggestions. Cancerous …