JVR – My Slime – YNW Melly

Difficulties Expert
2 0

Mapper: jewelsvr FreeMelly 3rd map release this Sunday! 😮 I don’t have VR so i have limited playtesting done through discord (Thanks discordian playtesters!) But if there are errors i’ll t…


Shoog Shoog | The Hu

Difficulties Expert
1 0

Mapper: thelitlewiseowl Hey guys this is a mongolian metal band that has an amazing sound with traditional instruments and the throat singing. Hope you enjoy their music, look them up on youtube and b…


Artificial Snow

Difficulties Expert Expert+
1 0

Mapper: whaenth this map took a very long time to make. i nearly gave up half way through. it’s also the first map i did the lighting myself. it took like 20 minutes to upload since beatsaver ke…


Mitsuki – Aioon

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
1 1

Mapper: rinyasuzu BPM: 190 Lighting: 1592 Expert+ NJS: 20 / Notes: 945 / Bombs: 0 / Walls: 8 Expert NJS: 18 / Notes: 773 / Bombs: 0 / Walls: 16 Hard NJS: 16 / Notes: 602 / Bombs: 0 / Walls: 16 Expert+…