viridios Electronic

Baby I’m Yours – Breakbot

Difficulties Hard
41 102

Mapper: viridios Fun beat map with a bunch of different patterns to it. This is my first beat map so it might be rough around the edges in some areas but I hope you enjoy! Let me know what I can impro…

SaltyStranger Pop Rap

Wow Wow V2

Difficulties Normal Hard
57 6

Fantastically fun map! The groove under Will Smith’s vocals makes it hard not to start dancing to. The patterns aren’t anything fancy, but they work well with the song. Neil takes the vocals from Will…

APervySage Meme

Gamecube Startup

Difficulties Expert
75 90

This track is not for everyone. It’s a short, 15 second map that replicates the gamecube startup sound. It’s hard to rate these meme songs, because if the gamecube startup sound brings nostalgic memor…

kewb89 Hip Hop

Hopsin – Trampoline

Difficulties Expert
2 5

Mapper: kewb89 Fun little hip-hop song. First chart, so let me know what you think! I DO have experience charting for Clone Hero, but I wanted to take on Beat Saber as well.…