alyzarin Pop

Trifect & Aika – Candy Carousel

Difficulties Expert+
4 8

Expert Plus only Less streams. Length : 2:48 BPM : 140 Notes : 1044 Not gonna fix things anymore that aren’t too broken in future songs, because that takes too much time. Hope you enjoy <3…

jetset Electronic

Peanut Butter Jelly – Galantis

Difficulties Expert
33 23

Expert Mode Only – Track is fairly challenging, lots of notes come very quickly and a quick reaction time is needed. Has a fun build up, after a few tries you should be able to get the hang of i…

gardian20 Anime

Tooi Nioi (Faraway Scent) by YO-KING

Difficulties Hard
4 3

The second opening theme of the anime “Gintama” and my personal favorite. The map isn’t too hard and is very lyrical, though it has some tricky bits earning it the “Hard only&#…



Difficulties Hard
16 4

Hop-Azis This is my fourth music. It will be a little difficult. And you can search LadyGaga to download my other songs.…

chason Hip Hop

Sober by Jez Dior

Difficulties Hard
1 0

Somewhere between normal and hard. Hard to perfect but any player used to normal should be able to beat it assuming they can past this one really hard part in the beginning. Feedback is always welcome…

chason Alternative

Say Amen by Panic! At The Disco

Difficulties Hard
118 32

Hard Difficulty. Lighting FX included. This one is my favorite one I have made. First time I have done lighting too. This took me a few days but I think it was worth it. I usually try to make easy stu…