cute ocelot


Difficulties Easy
4 9

Mapper: cute ocelot Go Give Rossboomsocks a follow bro My first map and it’s a shit post, i do have other maps im working on that are actual maps though 🙂 smile ~ https://www.youtube.com…


Gloria – Laura Brannigan

Difficulties Expert
21 5

Mapper: evilmurray Gloria by Laura Brannigan Mapped to celebrate the St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup Run First map, I playtested it a fair amount. Don’t think it’s too bad for a first attempt.


Fly – Marshmello

Difficulties Expert
41 9

Mapper: 4strofan This song is a bit repetitive, so i tried do make the map more interesting with walls etc. I hope, I did not overused them 😛 FC: Strofan