jabbergg Rock

Alone by Heart

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard
59 5

Mapper: jabbergg Classic song from Heart. Good 80s music, great beat. This is my first Map. I only play Hard to some Expert, so I’ve realized I am not goo mapping Expert. That is fine, t…

light ai commisions

World – Ookay & Getter

Difficulties Easy Expert Expert+
14 0

Mapper: light ai commisions Commission for PixelWastender. Ex+ 1302 notes 19 njs Ex 957 notes 17 njs Easy (lightshow) 5600 lighting events I do commissions: Light Ai#3939 on discord.

novarulz -_-


Difficulties Easy
91 4

Mapper: novarulz -_- BUP


#Electro Rush#

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard
6 6

Mapper: marmamusic My first beatmap, please be gentle. It’s a rather fast paced electro music trip. For more info: http://www.marmamusic.com