Hey Duggee Stick Song

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard
7 1

Easy / Medium / Hard – Made for the kids, leave the real mapping for others, but decent level Hard included. Only a minute of blocks. Lighting and Obstacles included Time – 1:28 BPM –…

acidnotation Rock

Sentience Uprising

Difficulties Expert
15 32

No copyright infringement here boyo. I am the original artist and mapper. This song is between expert and expert+. It’s rather long… Length: 4:52 Notes: 1371…


Bassline Yatteru

Difficulties Expert
8 20

This is a very hard song – this is the final version. Lots of vision updates. Lots of flow smoothing has been done. Bassline Yatteru – Camellia ft Nanahira Difficulty: Expert 128 BPM Elect…