APervySage Video Game


Difficulties Expert
49 4

Curator’s Note If you’re with friends on a LAN party, and you all just play songs for fun while only competing with each other, this will be a good Hard difficulty song that is chill but a…

APervySage Video Game


Difficulties Hard
47 2

Curator’s Note There will come a time when you would want to show off your Beat Saber skills to people, by playing the same songs as them. The song does have good flow but the notes are arranged…

steviation Rap

7 -Seven-

Difficulties Expert Expert+
9 96

Curator’s Note The song hides notes as its main attraction. Apart from that, it’s just a simple chart and might have been released without enough play-testing.   Mapper’s Note T…


Sheol – Xtrullor and Panda Party

Difficulties Expert
5 8

Mapper: retrogamerk Expert Difficulty Only, 1000+ Notes, Lighting Included My first ever Beat Saber custom chart. This game needs more Xtrullor in it. Please leave reviews and comments, I’d love…


Galantis – No Money

Difficulties Expert
172 17

Mapper: dailyrpg Expert only, Includes lighting and vfx. Time- 3:12 / BPM- 126 / Notes- 702 / Obstacles- 16 (Fixed several issues including controller vibration bug, etc. All should be good now.)…