Minesweeper Beat Saber

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
2 12

Mapper: peters Remember the classic Windows game Minesweeper? This is a Beat Saber twist on that game. Watch out for those tricky mines! Does the beat match the “music”? NO! It’s a l…


Digital – Imagine Dragons

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert+
56 48

Mapper: daniel Easy/Normal/Hard/Expert+ | Lighting included | Expert+ intended to be the main difficulty, others are included for those who need them (link to youtube preview …


Mad World (BoxHead Remix)

Difficulties Easy Expert
8 20

Mapper: boxhead This is a remix of “Mad World” by Gary Jules that I did a few years ago. Vocals by Gary Jules, music and arrangement by BoxHead. The Beatmap contains an Easy and Expert lev…