kiusnedo Rock

Hatsune Miku – Talent Shredder

Difficulties Expert
44 20

Hatsune Miku – Talent Shredder Difficulties: Expert Lenght: 3:34 BPM: 140 (True BPM 280) Notes: 1038 Obstacles: 13 This is my first beatmap so please let me know what u think! Video Preview: htt…


Post Malone – I Fall Apart

Difficulties Expert
3 80

Mapper: clockwerk123 Reupload of our “I Fall Apart” song by Post Malone. Fixed some note errors we had. Should be better now! (Better now, you only say that cause your not around, not arou…


Moon Prism Power Make Up! – Sailor Moon

Difficulties Expert
13 36

Mapper: pointedsprite Remastered version of my previous track – *Added more notes to make it a tad harder *2nd half of the song is more interactive instead of standing around waiting for obstacl…

mysticismsky K-Pop

iKON – Love Scenario

Difficulties Hard Expert
68 23

Difficulty: Hard and Expert This is my first time if have any mistake yall can comment and I will make it better Hope you guys have a good time with Sarangeul haetda uriga manna ^^…


Fate Rebirth

Difficulties Expert
1 7

Mapper: vanishing Fate Rebirth SCL Project Repair Edition The previous singer name is wrong sorry…