bbno$ – Moves

Difficulties Expert
17 48

Mapper: StevieD This is my second map of many. Enjoy lads and ladies. Music: Moves by bbno$ Permissions granted courtesy of FiXT.



Difficulties Hard Expert
12 5

Mapper: pecanpie112 Ruby eating spicy food from Yoshiko in episode 10 of Love Live Sunshine!! Season 1.


Corvus Corax – Ragnarok

Difficulties Expert
4 4

Mapper: jMewsi My first map. Only Expert difficulty right now. Think it’s between Hard and Expert, atleast for me But it’s 7min 40sec full beatsy mode 😀


DJ Furfang – Bachelor Party

Difficulties Expert
1 1

Mapper: Vulpes Music contains: Sweet Dreams, BLA BLA BLA, TNT, Africa, BOOM, Pumped Up Kicks There are Hungarian speech in music which are could be louder than you expect (those are for fun).

MuzziBeats Pop


Difficulties Expert
53 14

Mapper: MuzziBeats Sing by Pentatonix. Had a lot of fun making this one! Additional difficulties will be added in the future.

Dance K-Pop

Daddy – PSY

Difficulties Hard Expert
6637 92

Mapper: fafurion Insanely fun dance map! Enjoy! See the map in action (Expert): Thank you to my playtesters: QTPop (https://www.twitch.tv/qtpop) DuoVR (https://www.twitch.tv/duovr) Sourgurl (h…



Difficulties Expert
0 1

Mapper: json Another custom song that I made and mapped. Pretty short. Hope you like it. It’s fun for me.


Never Look Away

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert
19 0

Mapper: OmniOmega Hard, Easy, Expert Happy birthday, my muse. Check out a playthrough of Hard here: https://youtu.be/dCFXNoi13v4 Thank you to all my playtesters. Special shoutout to Jingshui a…