PUPA – Morimori Atsushi

Difficulties Expert+
0 0

Mapper: fraies haven’t uploaded in a while so decided to just finish this piece of shit off and upload, tested it like once 2 months ago and thought it was fine so screw it, maybe for ranked if …


Miracle Shopping (Don quijote) – 96neko

Difficulties Expert+
16 0

Mapper: hwatwhy Simple Expert+, I guess you can take it as an early christmas song! Now I hope this song gets stuck in your head once you play through it once πŸ˜€ Expert+ 4.36 NPS 958 notes Lighted by m…

tootie Pop

Go The Distance – Nanobii

Difficulties Expert+
8 1

Mapper: tootie I got kinda lazy and copy pasted a fair bit but I think it’s still enjoyable Tootie#0064 Stats for nerds: Duration: 3:53 BPM: 173 NJS: 24 Offset: 0 Half Jump Duration: 2 Jump Dist…


Headphone Actor – Jin feat. LiSA

Difficulties Expert+
25 2

Mapper: shuuxruri this is my third map uploaded! WE NEED MORE MEKAKUCITY ACTORS SONGS! I love how fast paced the song is, so I decided to go with simple patterns with a 22NJS. Thanks suzuki_ow, HelenC…


Trivecta – Break Me (feat. Karra)

Difficulties Expert+
0 6

Mapper: swifter1243 This is my first map so please go easy on me! πŸ˜› I’d also appreciate if you could give me some constructive criticism on my mapping skills so I can improve in the future! ( Sw…