Brostep Strikes Back

Difficulties Expert+
6 13

Mapper: that_one_narwhal First beat map in a while but im proud of my style and will continue to map in the future Video of map:


6969 – NSP (Short Ver.)

Difficulties Expert+
45 16

Mapper: thechapster Shortened version of Ninja Sex Party’s song, 6969. Full lighting completed (first map made with lighting)


Purification (Short Edit) – Jarvis9999

Difficulties Expert+
19 5

Mapper: tootie I don’t even know, pepeJAMJAM thanks to testers, thanks loloppe Tootie#0064 Stats for nerds: Duration: 3:13 BPM: 175 NJS: 24 Offset: -0.4 Half Jump Duration: 1.6 Jump Dist…