Fade To Black

Difficulties Hard Expert
5 4

Mapper: Blueeye7 Hard Hey guys, I hope you enjoy this map, it’s my first one. Just feel the epic atmosphere this song from Shockwavesound creates and you will do good πŸ˜€ I tried to suppor…


Sunrise – Fred V & Grafix

Difficulties Expert
16 7

Mapper: Fugent It took a pretty long time to put this together, but it turned out ok. In regards to how difficult it is, there are some places where you could choke if you don’t pay atte…


Jelly – Jeon Soyeon

Difficulties Expert
72 4

Mapper: Yoonalesca Map Playthrough: This is my first ever beat map. I was curious about the creation process and there are a multitude of songs that I want play but haven’t been made yet, so I…