Difficulties Normal
7 2

Mapper: kuiwa immerse yourself and go through the motions of a coomer tags: sperm worm spunk monk boner toner cock dock erection ejection dick tick cum plum seed steed prick chick cock stock seminal s…


Crispy Pretzel Chicken Fries

Difficulties Expert+
3 2

Mapper: swifter1243 New crispy chicken pretzel fries at burger King crunchy pretzel on the outside tender juicy white meat chicken inside New crispy pretzel chicken fries or try original chicken fries…


Uchouten Dreamers(Short Ver) – Touhou

Difficulties Expert
12 1

Mapper: limori fix node jump speed BPM 94 â– Title : Uchouten Dreamers â– Circle : Shinra-Bansho â– Vocal : ayaponzu* â– Arrangement : kaztora â– Lyrics : ticat, kaztora…


For peace of mind

Difficulties Expert Expert+
0 1

Mapper: pencunia Sorry, I was re-upload this map for change some part. This map maybe little hard. It’s my second own map. I think better than before, but elementary level yet. If you want to us…