FFXIV – Ultima

Difficulties Expert+
49 23

Mapper: supermikal First version! Planning to add Hard and Expert if it gets popular. Let me know if you feel this fits Expert+ or if it’s too easy.…


Ready For The Ride – Avatar

Difficulties Expert+
1 9

Mapper: civoen Time: 3:15 Notes: 1306 Difficulty: Expert+ My first Expert+ map. It’s very stream heavy so I recommend having a fire extinguisher nearby for your arms. Want to get in contact with…


Dollscythe – Flashes (Extended)

Difficulties Expert+
6 6

Mapper: kimisynth / EPILEPSY WARNING Listen to the song // Artist: Dollscythe (Hommarju) Song: Flashes (Extended Mix) from beatmania IIDX 22 PENDUAL (Konami) I didn’t test it, so have fun…



Difficulties Expert+
4 19

Mapper: sniffyz Expert+, 135 BPM. For anyone who knows me, this isn’t a normal “Sniffyz” map. I made this to be fun and relaxing. Still not the easiest song out there, but it should …


SakiZ – osu!memories

Difficulties Expert+
1889 191

Mapper: psyc0pathic Length: 7:47 BPM: 90-720 (180) Preview by Amanatsu: Fixes: Reizouko remap Calamity Fortune remap Genryuu Kaiko retimed/remap United remap Magic Girl !!…


croiX – Team Grimoire

Difficulties Expert+
55 5

Mapper: yun0 This map is bad Difficulty: Expert+ BPM: 160-195 Notes: 1980 Song duration: 4:38 Event lighting: First half done by Yun0, second half done by Jotarome Preview: Parts done (by grid numbers…