Aoi – Guardina

Difficulties Expert+
14 1

Mapper: zilianthegreat Reupload for rank on Hitbloq Thanks @Vilawes for the mod! 😀 It has: Expert+! And that’s it, sorry gamers


(Reupload) Camellia – Arche (V1)

Difficulties Easy Expert+
77 1

Mapper: notdepito The old V1 of Arche by Depito (or me, I made this account because I don’t want to upload a map that I think is of bad quality on my account). This is for the people tha…


Open Up Your Eyes

Difficulties Expert+
86 5

Mapper: lilmissjay From “My Little Pony: The Movie” believe it or not. YouTube Vid: Lotta people hear this song, love it, then hear what it’s from and they’re like R…