Difficulties Expert Expert+
4 5

Mapper: dennileon1 Cutie Aim asked me if i wanna make expert + on his map so i did Ayaya I really thank him for making a map with me <3 Aim's part is expert and my part is Expert+ So j…


AR Forest – Lantinid

Difficulties Expert+
26 4

Mapper: kuurama_ A huge thanks to Depito (https://beatsaver.com/uploader/5cff0b7698cc5a672c853a58) who timed my map and who helped me to identified each error i made, to make me able to do my …


Angelic Vibro

Difficulties Expert+
5 5

Mapper: wilzy eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I have a feeling there might be missmaps, if so dm me on discord Wilzy#0001. This map was made to be fun if u can at least play vibro 🙂