reunion – Bemani

Difficulties Expert+
8 5

Mapper: bbbear Tatsh – reunion Continuous strike exercise.(From Entry To Earth) Including 3 different patterns from bananentropfen’s stages.…


She is my wife – Bemani

Difficulties Expert+
15 4

Mapper: bbbear SUPER STAR 満-MITSURU-She is my wife Swing arm exercise.(From Entry To Earth) Including 10 different patterns from Nisemono、Setsuna Imitation、piaoyi、Overkill、Honesty v2 tv ver、G1ll、Reloa…


IOSYS – N.T.R Factory

Difficulties Expert+
10 0

Mapper: aaltopahwi This is another “me map” and is kind of vision blocky. The beginning is the hardest part of this so please stand strong as it gets instantly easier after that. I’m…


Psyqui – EAT!EAT!EAT!

Difficulties Expert+
69 9

Mapper: nolan121405 EAT!EAT!EAT! by Psyqui charted into Beat Saber with some drumrolls. Notes: 732 Notes/Second: 7.14 Bombs: 0 Walls: 89 Lighting: 1,320 Red/Blue Ratio: 0.98 Top Notes: 0% Middle Notes…


DOOM – At Doom’s Gate

Difficulties Expert+
41 112

Mapper: kraiyo Expert +, Lighting Max Perfect Score: 291,500 My first map ever, so it’s probably not great. But this classic DOOM song wasn’t a map yet so.…