Krydar Trap


Difficulties Expert+
14 3

Mapper: Krydar Another beatmap! This one is a little easier than Ether Strike, but it does have its tricky parts 😉 Have fun!…

Fayhe Pop

Mafumafu – Hated by Life Itself

Difficulties Expert+
135 3

Mapper: fayhe expert+, but somewhat on the lower end. 命に嫌われている。 / 結局いつかは死んでいく。 / 君だって僕だっていつかは枯れ葉のように朽ちてく。 / それでも僕らは必死に生きて / 命を必死に抱えて生きて / 殺してあがいて笑って抱えて。 Hated by life itself / In the end, we’ll die an…


Ether Strike

Difficulties Expert+
6 6

Mapper: krydar New revision, please redownload! Higher scroll speed! Have fun! It’s my first full chart. Feel free to leave any feedback in the Discord modding group. I’m Kry#0164 in there…