Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
206 30

Mapper: krydar All difficulties! CHROMAKEY RGB LIGHTS COMPATIBLE!! HUGE thanks to Moriik for doing the lighting! The only thing I touched from the lighting is the RGB. 🙂 REDOWNLOAD! FIxed notes out of…


running boy

Difficulties Expert+
11 1

Mapper: jackscape for the optimal experience, run while playing video: Difficulty: Expert+ Time: 0:45 BPM: 175 Notes: 466…


RUSH E (v2)

Difficulties Expert+
72 13

Mapper: jonathanrune Have fun trying to complete this (made to be) extremely hard chart 🙂 Expert+ only! | Notes: 1157 | Lighting Events: Yes | BPM: 208 | Have fun 🙂 (fixed double down)…



Difficulties Expert+
0 3

Mapper: gardnergang made by jimbo, james, and kevin…


Dark Matter – Yooh (SDVX)

Difficulties Expert+
22 8

Mapper: loloppe Expert+(++) BPM: 205 Notes: 1048 Event: 2590 Duration: 1:57 Something very different from my normal style. Lights done with Lightmap v2, automated off event and some minor manual edits…