Octopath Traveler – Final Boss Mix

Difficulties Expert+
19 2

Mapper: LompL Mix of The one They Call the Witch, Moment of Truth, and Daughter of the Dark God. Song in-game is called Galdera for simplifying reasons. No sexy chromalighting since I felt the red and…


Blend W – MowtenDew

Difficulties Expert+
48 12

Mapper: tehsupertoilet A re-chart of Blend W as per request. Expert + only no bombs, limited walls Events + forced/ chart specific colors (orange/green) the original song can be found here –…


Helblinde – C204

Difficulties Expert Expert+
5 1

Mapper: mageochicken Expert+ is pretty hard and a bit weird so I made an Expert version to remove some of the overly hard portions, weird sections and reduce the NJS a tad while still keeping the map …