Dead To Me (Instrumental)

Difficulties Expert+
4 8

Mapper: Tyresty Currently only Expert+ (537 Notes | 5.7 notes/second) Note Jump Speed: 18 | BPM: 148 Song Link: Discord for Discussion: Tyrest#8394 Playtesters: Drinnok and OOsh02 Have Fun 😛…

Miku J-Pop

Puwa Puwa-O!

Difficulties Expert+
71 2

Mapper: Miku AYAYA A huge thank you to my testers! twitch.tv/bentaisenpai twitch.tv/deltacreedx twitch.tv/puds__ Discord: Miku#0139 Twitch: Comfy_Miku Steam: Miku…


Open Frenzy

Difficulties Expert+
8 4

Mapper: azazel CHROMATOGGLE (Or Chromalite) REQUIRED! The theme of the Ravager from the Terraria Calamity mod has been brought to life in Beat Saber! Features; -Full Chromatoggle lighting -850+ notes …