Difficulties Hard
2 0

Mapper: pencunia Song and map are made by Pencunia. So everything are beginner’s level. slow or fast song can little change song’s feel. please enjoy this song. Ah, WATCH OUT your controll…


Amy Steele Graces Icicle Remix

Difficulties Hard
0 0

Mapper: tragedcze Amy Steele Graces Icicle Remix , it is my first map, i know, there are sound vs blocks mistakes, but it is my loved song, so i like it.…



Difficulties Hard Expert
4 0

Mapper: cck_23_31 Resubmission because there was a mistake in the folder structure my original song Composition : 瀬川蒼(Aoi_Segawa) Arrangement : 紫々(Yukari_Murasaki) Map preview : mp3 : http://hoduminad…