Difficulties Hard Expert+
10 0

Mapper: ururufox1068 縲€縲€縺輔s縺ョ縲€縲€縺ョ縺セ縺励m縺輔s繧ォ繝舌�譖イ繧定ュ憺擇蛹悶@縺セ縺励◆�� 縺ェ繧薙〒譁�ュ怜喧縺代@縺ヲ繧九°縺」縺ヲ�溘%繧後′隱ュ繧√※繧九▲縺ヲ縺薙→縺ッ縲√b縺�≠縺ェ縺溘�縺薙■繧…


Plantera Theme

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
0 4

Mapper: masterslayer379 Reupload #2 to fix more mismaps also added 1/4 and 1/6 diffs :)))) 1/4 is very complex 1/6 is slightly more complex than 1/8 1/8 is the original map also made bursts sl…



Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
15 1

Mapper: jaack thank you oddloop for GD (expert) all diffs going for rank MADE ALL SLIDERS 1/24 INSTEAD OF 1/16, NOW PLAYABLE FOR ZOOMERS also made small angle changes + qol changes that u prob…