Dream State-Kozah

Difficulties Expert
0 0

Mapper: SkirowX Expert Test run at the moment, full complete version coming soon!. don’t download if you are waiting for the full run. test version…


Moon Love

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
3 0

Mapper: TranquillizeMe Reuploaded now with varying difficulties! Thanks to xScaramouche for the tilt/flip edit. Also, you can choose to play without the double helix now! Moon Love – Boombox Car…


Giorno’s 7 Page Muda

Difficulties Expert
13 2

Mapper: Scruffy Giorno’s famous 7-page MUDA! from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure : Golden Wind! 500 BPM 1019 Notes…


Shifting Skies

Difficulties Expert
4 0

Mapper: TranquillizeMe My favorite Dubchestral song | Shifting Skies – Really Slow Motion (with Faux Tales) | 145 BPM | Expert Only | Full Map and Custom Lighting…


Imprinting – sakuzyo

Difficulties Expert Expert+
1 0

Mapper: PinkArmadillo My first ever map! Please dm me on discord (Pink Armadillo#5050) if there is anything wrong/improvements i can make, I appreciate it Other difficulty made by LightAi (Light Ai#39…


The Toys – Letter (Thai Song)

Difficulties Expert
0 0

Mapper: yuiiop3 My first ever Beatmap. I hope you enjoy!! I do not own this song. All the credit goes to “THE TOYS” This song is “Copyrighted”. Think carefully about uploading …