Hey Duggee Stick Song

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard
14 2

Easy / Medium / Hard – Made for the kids, leave the real mapping for others, but decent level Hard included. Only a minute of blocks. Lighting and Obstacles included Time – 1:28 BP…

turbobr0 Pop

Kinect Star Wars – I’m Han Solo

Difficulties Normal
674 145

I dunno if anybody else was working on this request too but hopefully you’ll like this take on it. I tried my best to match it 100% with the whole dance segment in the origina…

cestomano Rock

HIM – Solitary Man (v2)

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard
26 17

This is the second version uploaded of Solitary Man, from HIM (Easy, Normal & Hard). And my second upload. Corrected syncronization and added events to Hard mode (any idea in how to copy a…


Gelo-Ohh Juventud (Remastered)

Difficulties Normal
12 15

Difficulty : Normal+ 100% DONE 128 BPM Type : EDM Endurance (Lets see if you make it till the end) Lighting Events and Bombs and Walls and whatever it may ocurr to you ;-) …

bryantaurusrex Pop

Little Talks – Of Monsters and Men

Difficulties Normal
123 37

My first attempt! I only have Normal mode so far. I plan to provide every difficulty level, but wanted to put this up first in case I get any helpful feedback before committing to any modifications.