Bandit the qt

Difficulties Hard
3 4

Mapper: teknozfr As we all know, bandit is god, bandit is life, bandit is love, bandit is water, bandit is all. In honor of buff bandit god (i just wanna precise this is pure trash and i did i…


WIP Mos Eisley Cantina

Difficulties Hard
13 26

Mapper: seedback This is a Work In Porogress, and I am primarily using BeatSaver to share the song with some friends of mine, so they can test it. So please don’t rate, it will be improved soon.


Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Difficulties Hard
3 7

Mapper: mennoknight Second map in as many days. It’s almost like i’m enjoying this or something.


Nicky Jam – X

Difficulties Easy Hard Expert
19 4

Mapper: elidor I don’t know why but the game says a full combo would be 613 even though it is 603. Gotta fix that soon. Edit: Repaired it. New Song is called “X – Nicky Jam&#…