Mars Rappold Rock

BTH 2 – Stars

Difficulties Hard Expert
125 17

Hey guys, After all the feedback and demand for a sequel, I’m pleased to announce the release of BRING THE HYPE II, the second hype inducing song pack in the series for Beat Saber! This is the s…


Skies of Arcadia – Kingdom of Ixa’Taka

Difficulties Hard
2 5

From the Skies of Arcadia OST, the Kingdom of Ixa’Taka is a place full of lush green tropical vistas floating in the sky. This is the soundtrack of the main city from the game’s soundtrack…

gompasta Electronic

Icarus – Madeon

Difficulties Hard
1515 36

This is one of the very first songs I got super excited about being mapped in the game. The beatmap feels super triumphant and it is a very good “Hard” song. I made the transition from Har…