Difficulties Expert+
29 16

Mapper: darksamich Fixed an issue with the start offset being a little bit off, music should be more inline with the beatmap now This is the song that plays after completing the meteorite Easter Egg i…



Difficulties Expert+
1 6

Mapper: bestowalcrib90 9th Mapping. 1st in a set of 4 Thousand Foot Krutch tracks that will be mapped. Expert+ only. Custom lighting. Mapped during a state of longing. Descriptions of difficulties for…


Break It (Balloon Party)

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
14 2

Mapper: bestowalcrib90 8th mapping. 2nd in a set of 4 songs from various Brony (fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) tracks that will be mapped. Hard, Expert, and Expert+ are available and are…