hazzzah Pop Trap

Whippin (feat. Felix Snow)

Difficulties Expert+
6 1

Mapper: HazzzaH This is my second map, I tried a bit harder to make the lighting better and so there weren’t as many double hits. It should utilize each arm separately more often than the first …

Miku Vocaloid

Meteor ft. Hatsune Miku

Difficulties Expert+
36 9

Mapper: Miku More Miku maps A huge thank you to my testers! twitch.tv/bentaisenpai twitch.tv/deltacreedx twitch.tv/calvin_isacat twitch.tv/rexxxzi twitch.tv/qtpop Discord: Miku#0139 Twitch: Comfy_Miku…

SnowyStars Vocaloid

FIRST – Cillia

Difficulties Expert+
18 3

Mapper: SnowyStars Fully lighted, Expert+ (But not crushingly difficult). Good jump training Spent about 14-15 hours on this one 😀 Thanks to EggBoi and Calvin_Is_A_Cat for testing!…